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By Siren D

Over the years,  some of the all time greatest and most popular songs of our generations have been covered by different bands and solo artists. I’ve made a list of 5 songs with the original writers as well as the artists that have covered them. I also chose which, in my opinion, did the best version of the song. Leave your comments below with your favourites!


1. Whiskey In The Jar 


A famous tune out of Ireland, set in the southern mountains of Ireland and one of the oldest and most widely performed traditional Irish songs. It has been recorded by numerous professional artists since the 1950s. I personally prefer Thin Lizzy’s version. It gives the song some edge, opposed to the versions recorded before 1970, which had much more of the traditional folk sound to them.

The Dubliners – in the 1960’s

Thin Lizzy – the early 70’s

The Dubliners with The Pogues – re-recorded in 1990

Metallica – 1998




2. Hurt


Written by Trent Reznor and first released on Nine Inch Nails’s 1994 album The Downward Spiral. In this case I prefer the original, although I am still very much in love with Johnny Cash’s version.

Nine Inch Nails – released in 1994

Johnny Cash – covered in 2002





3. Under My Thumb


Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for The Rolling Stones. Its first appearance was as an album track on 1966’s Aftermath. In this case, original is best, but Streetheart’s version does kick ass.

The Rolling Stones: released in 1966

Del Shannon – also released a version in 1966

The Kingsmen – 1966

The Who – 1967

Blind Faith – recorded a live version of this song at their June 7th, 1969, Hyde Park concert.

Tina Turner – 1975

Streetheart – 1979





4. The Wind Cries Mary


Written originally by Jimi Hendrix and released by the Jimi Hendrix Experience as the band’s third single on May 5, 1967. There are a few other artists that have covered the song like Pat Boone and Popa Chubby but I had a hard time finding the dates. Again, I will have to say the original is definitely my favourite, no doubt.

Richie Sambora – 1991

John Mayer – 2001

Sting – Released on Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album






5. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door


Written and sung by Bob Dylan for the soundtrack of the 1973 film Pat Garret and Billy the Kid. Being a huge Dylan fan, I’m again, drawn to the original. The Dead’s acoustic cover really does Rock though.

The Alarm –  regularly played the song at concerts. When The Alarm toured with Dylan, the group joined him on stage to perform the song

Arthur Lewis – 1975

Eric Clapton – 1975

The Grateful Dead – An acoustic performance was played by The Grateful Dead Live at Rambler Room, Loyola College on November 17, 1978. The song was performed by both the Dead and Bob Dylan, during a collaborative tour in July 1987. Between August 1987 and July 1994 the Grateful Dead often closed their shows with a performance of this song.

Guns n’ Roses – Studio version released in 1990 though they had been playing the song live in concert side 1987


 In conclusion and in my opinion, it seems that original is best in most cases. Share your favourite song and the artists that covered them in our comment section below or on our Facebook page!