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Siren D
We have a really weird and wonderful World, this world of Ours. In case you didn’t already think so….. Ive compiled 5 really weird instruments here for you to check out……



The Uberorgan is an enormous contemporary sculpture by Los Angeles-based artist Tim Hawkinson. It exemplifies Hawkinson’s characteristic use of the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary, combining and recomposing common industrial materials and found musical phrases into a multisensory sculptural experience.

2.Stalacpipe organ


Located in the Luray Caverns of Virginia, this instrument technically known as a Lithophone (an instrument made from rock) was invented by Leland W. Sprinkle. Legend has it, in 1956 he noted the musical resonance in the cave when his son banged his head on a low-hanging stalactite.

3.Nano guitar


Professor Harold G. Craighead created the nano guitar in the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility in 1997. The idea came about as a fun way to illustrate nanotechnology and it did capture popular attention. It is disputed as to whether the nano guitar should be classified as a guitar but it is the common opinion that it is in fact a guitar.

4.Glass Armonica


The Irish musician Richard Pockrich is typically credited as the first to play an instrument composed of glass vessels by rubbing his fingers around the rims. Beginning in the 1740s, he performed in London on a set of upright goblets filled with varying amounts of water. His career was cut short by a fire in his room, which killed him and destroyed his apparatus. A friend of Benjamin Franklin and a fellow of the Royal Society, Edward Delaval, extended the experiments of Pockrich, contriving a set of glasses better tuned and easier to play. During the same decade, Christoph Willibald Gluck also attracted attention playing a similar instrument in England.

5. 12 Necked Guitar


Though only a sculpture…this baby is just as weird and wonderful as the rest of them.Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh seamlessly connects multiple guitars together into giant 12 neck guitar sculptures he calls “Present Arms.” The guitars are currently on display at the Roentgenwerke gallery in Tokyo.