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Siren D


There seems to be a new type of live show making its way around the world…The Holographic concert. From Japan’s Cartoon Hologram Miku to the lifelike Tupac at Coachella, this new technology is impressing people everywhere……but what’s next? Johnny Cash singing with June Carter at a Local Casino? Jim Morrison sprawling all over the stage at a Downtown Vancouver Bar? How about Kurt Cobain singing his haunting rendition of Leadbelly’s “In the Pines”  at Thunderbird Stadium…..Wherever or Whoever it might be, you can be sure it will be coming to Vancouver in large form eventually.  Personally, I wonder how many Estates of our dearly departed Musicians will be up for this, as well as, what do the fans think about their Favorite Rock stars hitting the stage one last time? We’d Love to hear your thoughts . Who would you bring back for a show and where would you like to see showcase a Holographic concert in your hometown?

Siren D



Coronavirus and COVID-19 -- All Concerts Postponed to 2021// Please Read //

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