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Going strong in its 45th year of playing hard rock hits across the globe, the current line up in the band Nazareth consists of original members vocalist Dan McCafferty and bassist Pete Agnew along with guitarist Jimmy Murrison and drums/backup vocalist Lee Agnew.

Nazareth current lineup

From L – R: Pete Agnew, McCafferty, Lee Agnew and Jimmy Murrison.

One thing Rock.It Boy Entertainment is certain you do know is their uber popular cover of rock ballad “Love Hurts”.  You’ve probably had it stuck in your head at least once in your life or maybe even played it fourteen times in a row during a breakup as one man named Steven admits to on

Love hurts, love scars,
Love wounds, and mars,
Any heart, not tough,
Or strong, enough
To take a lot of pain,
Take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts, ooh ooh love hurts

Check out the classic video from 1976:

So awesome!!

Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, 10 things you didn’t know about Nazareth:

  1. They are Scottish! Nazareth formed in December 1968 in the town of Dunfermline, Scotland.
  2. 4 members of Nazareth, vocalist Dan McCafferty, bassist Pete Agnew, former guitarist Manny Charlton and former drummer Darrel Sweet, played together prior to the forming of Nazareth in a band called The Shadettes which was formed in 1961.
  3. Nazareth took their name from a lyric in the song “The Weight” released in 1968 by The Band.
  4. All the band members quit “good day-jobs” to pursue a new career within the band.
  5. Nazareth is commonly referred to as one of few bands, if not THE band, to permanently change the landscape of Scottish pop/rock music history and put Scotland on the musical map.
  6. Along with Aerosmith, Nazareth is considered a pioneer for laying down the blueprint for stadium heavy rock and metal anthems of the future.
  7. Gun N’ Roses were such huge fans of Nazareth that front man Axl Rose asked them to play “Love Hurts” at his wedding to Erin Everly.  Nazareth, however, did not play at the wedding.
  8. Album stats to date: 22 studio albums, 7 live albums and 5 compilation albums.
  9. Band stats: 2 original band members, 2 new band members and 6 former band members.
  10. Contrary to rumors, Nazareth is NOT retiring anytime soon and is actually working on their 23rd studio album.

Now that you know some cool facts, here is some more exciting news: Nazareth is currently on tour and coming to Rock.It Boy’s neck of the woods this July!

So come out and feel the power of Nazareth LIVE! You won’t want to miss them!

Friday, July 5 at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo – CLICK TO GET TIX

Saturday, July 6 at the Royal Theatre in Victoria – CLICK TO GET TIX

Monday, July 8 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack – CLICK TO GET TIX

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