15th July, 2010


Starlight Casino
350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC
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7:00 PM
8:00 PM




Thursday July 15th  – Starlight Casino Red Bar Lounge in New Westminster.

Tickets $26.50 (plus Facility Fee and Service Charges) from Casino Guest Services and Ticketweb.ca

Only AD/DC does it better!  Rock 101 and Rock.It Boy Entertainment  presents THUNDERSTRUCK, North America’s premier tribute to AC/DC, in concert on Thursday July 15th at the Starlight Casino Red bar Lounge in New Westminster.  Tickets are on sale for $26.50 (plus Facility Fee and  Service Charges and facility fee) at Casino Guest Services and online at Ticketweb.ca. “Hells Bells,” “Thunderstruck,” “Touch Too Much,” “Girl’s got Rhythm.” THUNDERSTRUCK is without a doubt the most accurate tribute on the market you are going to find, period.  Both in the reproduction of the sound of AC/DC and awesome stage show including pyrotechnics, ringing of Hell’s Bells and cannon shots. Every detail has been painstakingly reproduced, from Angus Young’s outfit and guitar to a singer who sounds so much like Brian Johnson and Bon Scott that you’d swear it was them! “Jailbreak,” “Who Made Who,” “Heatseeker,” “You Shook me all Night Long.” Mad-eyed schoolboy juvenile delinquents hopping around on one foot like a Chuck Berry duck walker wielding a twin cutaway cherry red Gibson SG with the sonic boom of F-16’s dragging on a Friday night. And above all… Rock.  Not little pebbles.  No crunchy gravel.  Not ‘rock with attitude’.  Not ‘rock with an edge.’  What THUNDERSTRUCK brings is the massive boulder – the full sized sledgehammer, the fat wedge of awesomely solid bone crunching ROCK from down-under. “Back in Black,” “Shot down in Flames,” “Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap.” The clear uncluttered purity of the AC/DC sound has inspired perhaps more imitators worldwide than even Elvis so the competition is fierce.  You have to be as good as the original just to survive. THUNDERSTRUCK lives the dream, bringing the solid sounds of real drums and stacks of amplifiers and a real vocalist belts it out without samplers or pitch correcting vocal harmonisers.  And then explode they explode stuff! Rock 101 and Rock.It Boy Entertainment  is proud to present #1 AC/DC tribute extravaganza THUNDERSTRUCK on Thursday July 15th at the Starlight Casino Red Bar Lounge in New Westmister located at 350 Gifford Street in New Westminster (604 777 2946).  Tickets are on sale for $26.50 (plus Facility Fee and Service Charges and facility fees) at Ticketweb.ca and at Casino Guest Services.  Doors open at 7PM.  Show at 8PM