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By Siren D

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s the time of year we are reminded to reflect on the things we are thankful for in life (I have many to choose from, living here in Canada).  Music is always a thought in my head, whether its conscious or subconscious, it’s never too far away in my mind, so while giving thanks, I thought about those ever important people who were the pioneers in their musical genre. Its hard to call any one individual the founder of a type of music as music is as old as mankind itself. We may never know who the original creators were but we can definitely pick out a chosen few who paved the way for artists that followed in their footsteps. Below is a list I’ve compiled of ten solo artists (in no particular order) that Im sure we are all thankful for them leading the way and inspiring us and fellow musicians with their music. Rock.It Boy Entertainment wishes you and yours a happy, safe and rockin’ Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers!

Keep in mind there are many musicians with the same honorific nicknames. I chose my favourites. Please feel free to share your favourites with a “King”, “Queen” etc.  title. We’d love to hear from you!




The King of Pop – Michael Jackson






The King of Rock n Roll – Elvis Presley

Studio Portrait of Elvis Presley





The Queen of Rock n’ Roll – Janis Joplin








The Queen of Motown – Mary Wells







The King of Grunge Rock – Kurt Cobain






The King of Soul – Otis Redding







The King of Jazz – Paul Whiteman






The Queen of Soul – Etta James






The Queen of Heavy Metal Rock – Lee Aaron






The King of Folk – Bob Dylan





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